Stress Relief

It seems that I have a new venture every week, and my loved ones are all very tired of keeping up with all my ideas. I have had a lot of stress in my life and I guess all my activities are a way for me to forget about them, even for a small time. This way I can be ready for my children when they need me. So I encourage all to get a hobby or do something that will help you to focus on yourself.

My new passion is yoga. I absolutely love it! I have not been practicing for very long, sure I have taken yoga classes in the past and a lot of dance classes incorporate yoga in their warm-ups, but lately I have been trying to practice yoga regularly.

There are many reasons I have decided to lean toward the yoga approach. First, I have found the great stress relief that comes from yoga. I know everyone has stress, therefore everyone needs some type of relief. Holding on to stress can cause many problems physically, mentally and emotionally. Think about your life and look for anything that might be out of balance. Some of the symptoms I experienced was: back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, anxiety, depression, irritability, headaches, and insomnia. I figured these things were normal, (my mom and sister both have fibromyalgia), and I would just have to deal with them for the rest of my life. This was not the case. Luckily, I took my concerns to Nancy Foster, at Comprehensive Psychological. She helped me discover that my hormones were out of balance and instructed me to reduce my stress as much as possible. To help with hormone balance, you should talk to Tara Archer with Arbonne International. They have a great product that will help make a huge difference. As for my stress, I have been able to receive help for my Autistic son, find hobbies as an outlet, and yoga!

Stress can come from anywhere. Mostly we think of our jobs or kids, but many other factors can cause stress that we usually don't think about. Definitely look into other causes of stress to see if you can change your environment and help you feel better.

Yoga has been a huge help for me. I just received my yoga certification from Fitour and I feel like I have learned tons to improve my yoga practice in just a short weekend. I feel great! I want to help others feel better because I have been there and it is very hard to get through a day. Now I have time for myself, I am happier and my kids are no longer a huge stress in my life. We can spend more quality time together. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of yoga, Yoga Journal is a great resource.

I am just learning and would love some pointers and advice. Please help me make the most of my yoga practice, it is extremely important to me. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I appreciate your support!



Olmos Family said...

I agree with you...I find relief in doing creative things- sewing,crafts, etc. It is so nice to have a hobby that fits into my life of being a stay at home mom!

Arbonne International

As dancers, we need to take care of ourselves. Who has the time to get sick?! We put our bodies at risk every day and it is so helpful to know a little about how supplements will affect us. We are strong, healthy and energized dancers and we are going to make sure we can dance every day!

I first heard about this company on line where I had run into this amazing woman who is an absolute inspiration to me. Her name is Tara and she has helped me so much in many ways. She isn't a "salesman", she really and sincerely just wants to help you feel the best you can. Tara is so knowledgeable about what products will help you no matter what your issues might be. She shows such love and concern and helps you feel so comfortable.

I had symptoms that have last years and Tara helped me understand which products would help me. I feel absolutely wonderful and I am very excited to try all the products Arbonne International has to offer! I will be referring to these products a lot on this blog; I am addicted!

If you have any concerns or just want the best for your body, please ask Tara for her help. I promise you will be in good hands!

Tara Archer